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Thai IP address lets you watch Thai TV channels, such as Channel 7, while abroad, as well as access important services from home like banking. Here’s how you can get an IP address for Thailand.

How to get a Thailand IP address from anywhere with a VPN

The easiest way to get a Thailand IP address is with a VPN. Whether you want to access Thailand’s Channel 7, Thai streaming services such as Donnee, or access your Thai internet banking from abroad, a VPN can help.

Short for “Virtual Private Network”, a VPN takes your device’s internet traffic and encrypts it before routing it to one of the VPN’s servers in the location from which you wish to browse – in this case, Thailand. This changes your IP address and makes it appear as if you’re browsing from within Thailand, regardless of where you really are. In this way, you can bypass geographic restrictions and access your home services while traveling.

Internet censorship in Thailand has increased over the last few years. Not only has the Thai government blocked many websites, apps, and services, but they’ve also blocked some VPNs. For this reason, we’ve done extensive research to find out which VPNs still work in Thailand. We’ll cover each provider in-depth, discussing the key features on offer. If you don’t have time to read the whole article, here’s a quick list.

Using a free VPN to get an IP address for Thailand

VPN blocks are not uncommon in Thailand, which means many free VPNs simply won’t work. Even if you’re fortunate enough to find a free VPN that works in Thailand, we advise caution for three main reasons:

  1. As most people who use free VPNs experience, their overall performance isn’t great. In fact, free VPNs are quite slow for the most part. This isn’t too surprising when you consider the number of people trying to use the free VPN service at once. There are too many people and too few servers, as well as limits on speed and bandwidth, resulting in what can be a frustrating experience.
  2. Many people find free VPNs to be a little too simple. Free VPNs tend to lack features. This means you may not be able to save your favorite servers, add a browser extension, or use a kill switch. While some of these features simply add to the convenience of a VPN, some of them are essential to your security online. What’s more, many free VPNs simply won’t work with streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and BBC iPlayer.
  3. When it comes to security, free VPNs are not to be trusted. As we mentioned, free VPNs lack certain features, and this often means they don’t offer encryption, DNS leak protection, or a kill switch. Another reason why free VPNs are not as safe is that many log your information and activity and sell it to third parties (they have to make money somehow!). It’s also possible for a free VPN to infect your device with malware and spam you with annoying, irrelevant ads.

Why do I need a VPN for Thailand?

A Thai VPN is necessary if you want to get a Thailand IP address when on holiday or living abroad. It allows you to access your favorite websites, services, and apps even if you’re in the USA or UK, for example.

While a VPN can help you access content in other countries, it can also help you unblock content that has been banned in your country. Internet users in Thailand may come across a green screen if a website or service is blocked in the country. Unfortunately, internet censorship is prevalent in Thailand, with Bangkok being one of the world’s most surveilled cities. While this was once largely focused on the blocking of pornographic websites, recent years have seen internet censorship in Thailand expand to political issues